Monday, January 31, 2011

Sacramento Grand Ballroom

This past weekend Mr. SGS and I attended our first "official" bridal show.  It was a lot more fun than I expected.  We're totally having a photo booth at the reception.  We're considering an Action flipbook vendor.  I enjoyed making our own flipbook.  It was comical, to say the least. 

We had a chance to check out some reception venues.  I am in love with two venues.  The first being the Sacramento Grand Ballroom.  This venue is gorgeous.  The architecture is what I'll define as vintage.  It's timeless and very classy.  Perfect for a simple, yet glamorous affair. 

Another great thing about the venue is that they offer wedding planning and catering services.  It's something about one-stop shopping that I have a weakness for.  It could be that my schedule does not allow for me to devote 100% to planning this wedding.  I would love to do it all.  However, although I do think I'm Super Woman, it's clear that I'm simply human.  I cannot plan the event of the century, while also completing my last semester of law school and studying for the bar exam.  It just isn't gong to happen. 

I have been sneaking Google Image searches in between assignments at work.  I have lots of images and pictures for inspiration, but still do not have our colors quite down.  We know we want peacocks.  We know we want silver, purple and blush incorporated in our theme.  How we plan to put these all together?  When you know the answer, please hit me up.  :-D

Okay, back to the simply glamorous, yet classic venue, Sacramento Grand Ballroom.  Isn't this venue gorgeous?  The photos I've been able to find on Google Images are amazing.  The room is gorgeous empty.  My imagination went wild while day dreaming of Mr. SGS and I being introduced as husband and wife on January 15, 2012 at this beautiful and classic location.   This venue seems perfect for our simply intimate wedding reception for 100.  (Yes, that's right.  Our guest list is went from 50 to 100 people over night.  We were very surprised to learn we have so many close family and friends).

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WWW Number Two

I am simply inspired by wedding designs of event extraordinaries, such as Diann Valentine (if only she fit into our budget), Preston BaileyDavid Tutera and Colin Cowie, to name a few.  Now that I'm designing and planning my own wedding, I've purchased inspiring books by each of the above event designers.  I cannot wait to check out all the inspiring photos in each of their books.  I am very excited to get inspired to design my wedding reception following my read of Weddings Valentine Style: Rich Inspiration for Every Woman's Dream Day by Diann Valentine, Preston Bailey Inspirations, Preston Bailey's Design for Entertaining (can use this for events other than the wedding, such as my Mother-In-Law's 60th b-day party), Colin Cowie Wedding Chic and My Fair Wedding by David Tutera.   I am looking forward to seeing the box at my front door next week. 

These weddings are very inspiring and all deserve a triple Wow!  What well-known event planners provide inspiration for your wedding design? 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Morning Inspiration - PRE-MARITAL COUNSELING

Pre-marital counseling should be required before all couples enter the land of blissdom.   Seriously... you learn so much about your partner that you did not know before.  Mr. SGS and I attended our first pre-marital counseling session this past Friday.  It was amazingly refreshing and an eye-opener.  Being that we are going to be a blended family, I knew pre-marital counseling was the only way to go.  We both got a better sense of each of our parenting styles.  We also learned a lot more about each of our childhoods.  Diane, our therapist, commented a number of times on the amount of things Mr. SGS and I have in common. 

So, before the wedding planning starts, I think all engaged couples should attend pre-marital counseling.  It should be your first appointment.  That's right, do not schedule any wedding planner, coordinator, venue or photography appointments until you schedule the appointment with your certified marriage and family therapist. 

Do not wait until you have problems in your relationship to seek counseling!  Why not build the tools you will need in order to combat and deal with the problems are will encounter during your lifelong marriage?  Pre-marital counseling sets you on the path to a successful, respectful, happy and lifelong marriage. 

Warm wishes,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Inspiration

I know for certain my wedding dress will be vintage or at the very least, vintage inspired.  I'm leaning towards wearing a nice ivory suit to the civil ceremony and the vintage inspired gown to the reception. 

I have already sent an inquiry to Stephanie James Couture (I adore her gowns.) and scheduled my appointment at Haute Bridal in the City for her Trunk Show.   Her vintage inspired gowns are a tad more than I planned to pay for the reception dress.  However, I plan to keep this dress for use by one of my daughters (or my future daughter-in-law).   These gowns are timeless and although my daughters may want to wear a full ball gown for their wedding, perhaps my gown can be the dress they wear right before they leave for the honeymoon or even for Sunday brunch the day after their wedding.  (Yes... I'm already planning my daughters weddings.  I'm pretty sure they will want a wedding weekend and I am more than willing to help them accomplish this).   

Below are some inspiring images for my bridal attire.  What do you think? 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wow Wedding Wednesday (aka WWW Day)

My first WWW day!  Wow Wedding Wednesdays will be dedicated to wonderfully inspiring weddings of the past.  You know those weddings that make you say, "Wow! Wow! Wow!" Today I thought I would share  amazingly unique peacock wedding cakes I stumbled upon while conducting one of my infamous google image searches.  Needless to say, these have found a home in my book of inspirations.

I love this blush and ivory peacock wedding cake.  It's simply glam! 

This peacock cake has a touch of glamour with the simple elegance of the colors pink, ivory and gold.  I love the heart-shape feathers.  Simply beautiful!  Although I'm not crazy about the bush the peacock sits on, I'm sure this can be removed and designed to my specifications.  I'm also sure we can use silver instead of gold and perhaps add touches of turquoise.   This cake deserves a triple.  Wow!  Wow! Wow!

Below are some of my other simply unique finds during my Google image search.  Have a wonderful and wowing Wednesday.  LOL!!!  I've been reading too many books by Dr. Seuss.


(Credits:  All photos located on Google Images.  If one of these belong to you, please let me know and I will give you proper credit)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Morning Inspiration

These images are very inspiring and have me thinking... perhaps a Spring time wedding is not too cliche.  I love peacocks, but my favorite colors are turquoise and pink.  Are these okay for Spring?  

Today I'm thinking peonies and how they are a must have at our wedding and reception.  My all time favorite friend, Peony can only attend my wedding if it takes place in the Spring.  Check out these inspiring photos for Tuesday morning.

Simply Glam

Saturday, January 15, 2011

He Put A Ring On It!

It's official.  Shani really loves Dani!  He proposed on Friday, January 7th at the location where they first met.  Starbucks! 

Yep, that's right.  We met at Starbucks.  Well, we initially met each other online on a networking site.  However, after numerous e-mails and just as many 4 hour telephone conversations, we finally decided to meet each other for coffee and for which we endearingly call the "Meet & Greet at Starbucks." 

After two years of dating, Shani put a ring on Dani's left ring finger!!! 

We're planning a simple wedding ceremony on a Friday afternoon at San Francisco City Hall.  If you don't know, SF City Hall is absolutely stunning! 

The reception will be held during the lunch hour on the Sunday following our union.  It will be a glamorous afternoon event, yet simple and intimate.

Please join us on our journey to city hall.    I hope you enjoy my first inspiration board and blog post.

SF City Hall #1