Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WWW Number Two

I am simply inspired by wedding designs of event extraordinaries, such as Diann Valentine (if only she fit into our budget), Preston BaileyDavid Tutera and Colin Cowie, to name a few.  Now that I'm designing and planning my own wedding, I've purchased inspiring books by each of the above event designers.  I cannot wait to check out all the inspiring photos in each of their books.  I am very excited to get inspired to design my wedding reception following my read of Weddings Valentine Style: Rich Inspiration for Every Woman's Dream Day by Diann Valentine, Preston Bailey Inspirations, Preston Bailey's Design for Entertaining (can use this for events other than the wedding, such as my Mother-In-Law's 60th b-day party), Colin Cowie Wedding Chic and My Fair Wedding by David Tutera.   I am looking forward to seeing the box at my front door next week. 

These weddings are very inspiring and all deserve a triple Wow!  What well-known event planners provide inspiration for your wedding design? 

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