Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Inspiration

I know for certain my wedding dress will be vintage or at the very least, vintage inspired.  I'm leaning towards wearing a nice ivory suit to the civil ceremony and the vintage inspired gown to the reception. 

I have already sent an inquiry to Stephanie James Couture (I adore her gowns.) and scheduled my appointment at Haute Bridal in the City for her Trunk Show.   Her vintage inspired gowns are a tad more than I planned to pay for the reception dress.  However, I plan to keep this dress for use by one of my daughters (or my future daughter-in-law).   These gowns are timeless and although my daughters may want to wear a full ball gown for their wedding, perhaps my gown can be the dress they wear right before they leave for the honeymoon or even for Sunday brunch the day after their wedding.  (Yes... I'm already planning my daughters weddings.  I'm pretty sure they will want a wedding weekend and I am more than willing to help them accomplish this).   

Below are some inspiring images for my bridal attire.  What do you think? 

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