Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Morning Inspiration - PRE-MARITAL COUNSELING

Pre-marital counseling should be required before all couples enter the land of blissdom.   Seriously... you learn so much about your partner that you did not know before.  Mr. SGS and I attended our first pre-marital counseling session this past Friday.  It was amazingly refreshing and an eye-opener.  Being that we are going to be a blended family, I knew pre-marital counseling was the only way to go.  We both got a better sense of each of our parenting styles.  We also learned a lot more about each of our childhoods.  Diane, our therapist, commented a number of times on the amount of things Mr. SGS and I have in common. 

So, before the wedding planning starts, I think all engaged couples should attend pre-marital counseling.  It should be your first appointment.  That's right, do not schedule any wedding planner, coordinator, venue or photography appointments until you schedule the appointment with your certified marriage and family therapist. 

Do not wait until you have problems in your relationship to seek counseling!  Why not build the tools you will need in order to combat and deal with the problems are will encounter during your lifelong marriage?  Pre-marital counseling sets you on the path to a successful, respectful, happy and lifelong marriage. 

Warm wishes,


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